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If you have recently lost a loved one, then you will need an experienced probate lawyer you can trust. I, David Whittaker, Attorney at Law, have been serving clients in the Brentwood area for more than 12 years, guiding them through the probate process and helping them to resolve all of the issues surrounding the distribution and finalization of an estate. My priority is always to respect and seek to fulfill the wishes of the recently deceased, and it is his principle which guides my practice. Where other probate attorneys may just see a case number, I see a legacy. Your future and that of your loved ones are in good hands when you hire me.

Respectful and Sensitive Probate Lawyer Serving Brentwood

The probate process, undertaken soon following a death, includes distributing property to heirs and beneficiaries, paying appropriate death taxes, and settling any remaining debts the deceased may have had. While the presence of a will certainly will help to determine these matters, it is not uncommon for unexpected complications to surface. Unfortunately, it is relatively common to face issues regarding inheritance rights and disputes, where disagreements among bereaved loved ones can threaten to tear a family apart.

If you have not recently experienced the death of a loved one yourself, but are interested in getting your own estate planning in order, I am also happy to help. I believe that it is never too early to start planning, and you could save your family a lot of pain and stress down the road. Grieving someone you care about is hard enough – you shouldn't have to work your way through complex legal issues at the same time. I am proud to offer a free case evaluation, so don't wait – call my office today to get started.

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