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Choosing the Right Business Entity

If you are starting a new business, it can be crucial to your long term success what type of business entity you choose for the structure of your company. Deciding on whether or not to form a limited liability corporation, a partnership, or an S corporation depends on various factors. The size of your business, the number of employees you will have and the type of business you will be conducting all come into play when determining which entity is best for you. At David Whittaker, Attorney at Law, I have been assisting small businesses in Nashville incorporate and get their businesses up and running since 2001. I have also had dozens of clients come to me for services far after they have started their own company and had encountered problems due to an error they made while incorporating.

Protecting Against Liability with the Right Business Form

The type of business entity you decide on using to form your company will impact upon your personal liability, tax liabilities and the ownership and management structure of your business. I can help you by assisting in developing a sound financial plan, drafting your incorporation documents, and all corporate documents such as bylaws, membership and operating agreements, management agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and any other necessary documents to form your business.

I have been practicing business law since 2001 when I received my law license after having been a licensed construction contractor. Assisting other in forming or protecting their business has given me some of my most satisfying moments in my law practice. I know how difficult and confusing it can seem to start your own business, but with the proper guidance, starting your business can be easy. Before you make an investment in your company, make an investment in your own peace of mind and long term success and contact me today for a consultation and a quote for my services.

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