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Are your company's collection efforts failing?

Collecting late payments from customers is often a source of great frustration for most small to mid-size companies. Investing your employees' time in pursuing old debt can be a huge waste of money when debtors dodge them and refuse to pay. The question becomes whether to outsource your collections department to a collection agency or an attorney. If your book of debt is largely old debt with high balances, and you have already tried other methods of collections, then choosing an attorney to pursue the debt is most likely your best course of action. At my firm, David Whittaker, Attorney at Law, I am able to pursue collection of your company's portfolio of debt with efficiency and economy of resources.

When collecting debts or late payments, I comply with all federal and state regulations that relate to debt collection. I strive for the quickest, most effective way of collecting payments from your past or present customers, and creating a positive cash flow for your business. When the situation requires, I am fully adept at filing the proper legal action, or referring the matter to local counsel if the debt must be collected or sued upon in another state. Depending on the age of the account, I will first attempt to work with the debtor to create a payment schedule that they will adhere to, unless your company has already been through those steps before you hire me.

Collections That Create Positive Cash Flow

Contact my office for a consultation and an evaluation of your portfolio. I will develop a plan of action that fits your needs, and give you a written quote for services prior to engaging in collection efforts. As a business owner myself, I understand how discouraging and financially draining it can be to not have your invoices paid. Let me take the burden of collections away from your company and start creating the positive cash flow you set out to accomplish by going into business. Contact me today.

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