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Contracts are agreements which regulate and set forth the obligations and rights between two or more parties in a business transaction. They can contain a myriad of provisions and clauses relating to time of performance, what tasks are to be performed, the amount of consideration being given for the performance of those tasks, non-compete clauses, and provisions for how a dispute will be handled, i.e., through arbitration or a local court of law. They can also contain a description of circumstances by which either party can terminate the contract without penalty, clauses which relate to the automatic extension of the contract after a period of time, and many other factors and considerations relating to the services real property, or goods being contracted for between the parties. At David Whittaker, Attorney at Law, I have drafted, reviewed, revised, interpreted, brought action upon, and settled disputes arising from hundreds of contracts since I began to practice business law in Nashville in 2001.

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When you or your business is faced with an impending contract dispute, the safest thing to do is immediately contact an experienced, highly skilled, and widely respected business law attorney who handles contract disputes. The law relating to contracts covers several stacks of bookshelves in law school libraries, as our laws of contracts has been evolving since medieval times in England. The knowledge and experience of a well-trained contracts attorney will make the difference between victory and defeat in a settlement negotiation or a court of law when dealing with a complex contract situation.

If you have been sued for breach of contract, or feel you may need to bring suit and claim the remedies of specific performance, liquidated damages, punitive damages or rescission, due to someone else's breach of contract, please call my firm and schedule a consultation with me. Contact me now for more information about how I can assist you.

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