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Unfortunately, many business partnerships that have existed for years or decades eventually reach a breaking point where the partners disagree upon an important business matter. A dispute with your business partners can actually become a much greater threat to your business than a competitor or changing economic conditions. At David Whittaker, Attorney at Law, I have been engaged in business law and partnership dispute counseling and litigation since 2001, assisting businesses in finding solutions to their disagreements.

Disputes arising from cash flow shortages, outside personal problems, future plans for the direction of the business, or a partner's misappropriation of funds are common problems which face many partnerships at some point in the life of the business. Many partnerships face the issue of one partner having more control than another due to hand on or daily control of the company being in one partner's hands. This can create a lock out scenario that makes it impossible for one partner to regain their power within the company.

An injunction may be in order, but that requires court involvement. I have found that the most efficient and cost effective solutions to partnership disputes are usually settlement negotiations. If misappropriation of funds, assets of the business, or diverting business is the issue, then decisive and assertive action in filing a lawsuit and obtaining a restraining order is the best way to protect your interests. Litigation can be used as a tactical tool that will bring a rogue partner to the negotiating table and stop the bleeding while the dispute is resolved.

Resolve your partnership dispute with the help of a business lawyer.

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