Probate Process

Tennessee Probate Process

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If you have recently lost a loved one, then you may be experiencing a variety of emotional hardships. Any remaining assets in your loved one's name will go through the Tennessee probate process, and the implications of this reality can be damaging and harmful to your situation. The basic steps of the probate process are as follows:

  • The court must recognize someone to take charge of the estate (an administrator or executor)
  • Assets must be inventoried
  • Creditor claims need to be properly resolved
  • Tax forms must be filed
  • Distributions must be made to the appropriate beneficiaries

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Losing a loved one can cause a great deal of emotional anxiety, but despite the inevitable grieving that you and your family may experience, the estate must be settled in a timely manner. I am David Whittaker, Attorney at Law, and I understand the severe hardships that you may be going through due to the loss of your loved one. As a compassionate Nashville probate attorney, I can help you through the probate process so that you deal with as little legal hassle as possible. Probate can be lengthy and highly costly if not done correctly, so you need to ensure that you have skilled representation on your side as soon as possible if you will need to go through this process.

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Your situation is important to me, and it is vital that you are not left to navigate the probate process on your own. I understand legal matters concerning estate planning and administration, and I have helped numerous clients through it in the past. I offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain some legal advice and information regarding the situation that you face before making any financial commitment to my firm.

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