Probate Requirements

Tennessee Probate Requirements

Nashville Probate Lawyer Explains the Legal Process

The probate process can be confusing, and it is important that you are able to skillfully pursue and secure the desires of your recently deceased loved one. With the help of David Whittaker, Attorney at Law, you can ensure that their wishes are carried out. If your loved one has passed while maintaining assets in their name, then these assets will go through the probate process to be distributed to their rightful heir or beneficiary. Generally, this is done according to the provisions of a will; however, there are some cases in which a will is not present. Assets in cases of a person passing away intestate are distributed according to Tennessee laws regarding family and beneficiaries.

The probate process will establish a time frame during which known creditors can place a claim on the estate in order to secure payment of owed debts. Once this time frame has expired, then both known and unknown creditors are barred from placing claims on the estate. It is crucial to settle an estate even when a will is not present. When a valid will is present, then an executor of the estate will be named, and they will have various duties regarding the administration of the estate:

  • The executor will have the responsibility to keep assets and property safe during the process
  • They must make a list, or take inventory of all assets and property present
  • They will need to submit the accounts or inventories to the court as required
  • They will have the responsibility to pay expenses and debts incurred by the deceased
  • They will be required to pay any federal or state death tax that is required
  • They will be required to distribute assets to beneficiaries pursuant to the wishes of the will

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