Change of Beneficiary

Change of Beneficiary to a Will or Trust

Nashville Probate Attorney Can Help You Modify Estate Planning Documents

If you have prepared a will or a trust in the past, then there may be a great deal of time before either of these is used. In the meantime, there may be many circumstances that change, which can cause discrepancies or a need for a modification.

One such example is the need for a change of beneficiary. If you have named a beneficiary in your will, but this beneficiary has died, changed their name, or their relationship with you has changed, then you may need to alter your will in order to ensure that they receive or do not receive the portion of your estate previously allotted to them. In some cases, you may wish to bequeath their allotment to their family.

A skilled and experienced Nashville probate attorney can help you understand the legal ramifications and accommodate these changes. I am David Whittaker, Attorney at Law, and I have been serving the residents of Nashville, Tennessee in various probate matters for a number of years. I can help you prepare a will to ensure the division of your estate goes according to your wishes, and if the need arises, I can help you modify this document for a change of beneficiary.

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