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Preparing a Living Trust in Nashville, TN

If you wish to distribute your estate without probate, you may consider a Living Trust. The assistance of a skilled and experienced Nashville probate attorney can help you achieve that. I am David Whittaker, Attorney at Law and I can provide you with the representation that you need. After you pass, any property left in your name will go through the process of probate. Probate is a matter of public record. In order to avoid this process and its associated costs, you can transfer your assets out of your name and into a Living Trust.

After your death, the trust will distribute your estate according to your direction. In preparing a living trust, you may also appoint a trustee who will hold the property until a designated event or time, such as a young beneficiary's 18th birthday or marriage, and then administer the trust according to your wishes. Any assets transferred through a trust can avoid the probate process and thereby make the ordeal much shorter and less expensive for your heirs and beneficiaries. If you are considering the option of a trust, then it is crucial for you to speak with a skilled representative regarding your situation, and I can provide you with the assistance that you need.

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