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Many people who are planning their estate to protect their loved ones will establish a revocable living trust. This is an effective tool to help your named heirs to avoid probate, and have the estate pass directly to your loved ones upon your death. The assets of the person are put in a "living trust" so that these assets are owned by the trust, not the individual. There are cases in which a person could suddenly pass away, and may not have had time to move all assets into the living trust prior to death, or may have inadvertently left out some asset. Assets that are not in the trust will have to go through probate, creating a problem in the distribution of those assets. A pour over will is created to address this issue, and ensure that any assets that were not in the trust, whether inadvertently or for other reasons, will go into the trust upon death. Essentially, the assets "pour" into the trust.

I am attorney David Whittaker, and my goal is to help my clients get their affairs in order so that their designated beneficiaries are not left struggling with undue taxation or a long period of waiting before the distribution of the estate. Avoiding probate with a revocable living trust and a pour over will can allow your loved ones to move forward after your death far more easily. If you are planning your estate, or believe it is time to do so, contact my firm. I can explain how a revocable living trust and a pour over will could protect your loved ones, and how it works during your lifetime. I serve people in Nashville who are taking the positive action of protecting their loved ones should an unexpected death occur.

The Benefits of a Pour Over Will

Creating a living trust and including a pour over will as part of a comprehensive estate plan may be the most beneficial solution for your estate. Every person and couple is unique with regard to the number of assets and personal wishes regarding passing on these assets. I can serve you in a simple estate plan, or in a highly advanced estate plan, based upon your wishes and the value of your estate. I work directly with my clients, and my goal is to establish a plan that is most effective in protecting your heirs, and when avoiding probate is possible, a pour over will is a critical document. Call today for a consultation about estate planning, living trusts and pour over wills.

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