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If you are in or around the Nashville area, and are in need of advice or solid, experienced legal counsel or representation in real estate litigation issues, my practice, David Whittaker, Attorney at Law, can take on any matter in which you are involved. I represent clients in:

Actions to quiet title, boundary disputes, quit claim deeds, and other issues which may arise during real estate transactions can all be managed and resolved by my firm. Are you a landlord? My firm can manage evictions and collections on your rental properties. If you are a tenant with issues involving your landlord and rental contract, I can be of assistance resolving those issues as well. Construction disputes and the litigation that arises from those disputes are my forte, as I was a licensed contractor prior to becoming an attorney.

My experience in the construction industry is invaluable to my law practice. I have an intimate knowledge of construction and mechanics liens, zoning and land use issues, structural failures, bond claims, construction defects, design errors or defects, and scheduling disputes which enable me to quickly hone in on the issues in your case and resolve litigation quickly and economically.

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Since 2001, I have been practicing real estate law and assisting my clients to overcome the hurdles that are inevitable in real estate transactions, ownership and construction projects large and small. There are hundreds if not thousands of lawyers in the Nashville area who purport to be experienced, knowledgeable real estate attorneys. Of all of those lawyers, I have the distinct advantage of having been a licensed contractor, and having built my own home. My real world experience allows me to cut through the legal jargon that cause confusion and delays in so many cases in our courts, and quickly zero in on real solutions for my clients.

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