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Construction litigation is, and has always been, a core area of my law practice in Nashville. At David Whittaker, Attorney of Law, I have been involved in construction dispute litigation since 2001. As a former licensed contractor, and working with my dad in the construction business before that, I have experienced first-hand the common issues involved in construction projects. I learned the hard way about project delays due to unforeseen problems that always arise during construction of residential and commercial structures.

In fact, working in the industry was one of the main reasons I decided to go to law school and become an attorney. Having been exposed to the problems in the construction industry from the perspective of contractor and laborer, I was motivated to learn everything I could about construction law. I am uniquely different from most real estate construction lawyers in our legal community. I understand the stress involved with cost overruns, defective materials, defects in design, and the financial losses that can result of these common occurrences in the industry.

Save Time and Money Resolving Construction Disputes Fast

If you are a builder or developer facing breaches of contract, either as a plaintiff or a defendant, I am able to effectively assist you in resolving your problems with a focus on saving you time and money. Construction projects naturally involve multiple parties, manufacturers, material suppliers, shippers, designers, financers, engineers, architects, contractors, labor subcontractors, and municipal entities all converge and can create an environment rich in possible problems.

Substandard performance, late deliveries, defective designs, delays in financing, time or cost overruns are many of the legal issues I have successfully resolved for my clients over the years. Time is critical in construction and I am here to assist you in the most efficient manner possible. Contact me for a consultation as soon as possible and discover what an advantage it can be to have a former contractor and attorney on your side.

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