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Real Estate Title Issues in Nashville, TN

Need help with title claims or other real estate issues?

At my Nashville real estate law practice, I have seen many title issues arise from misfiled deeds, old misplaced records, and boundary disputes resulting from long term, unchecked usage of neighboring lands. When a title issue occurs involving your land, the most prudent course of action is to consult a real estate attorney familiar with Tennessee law and real estate disputes.

I have been practicing law in Nashville since 2001, and have seen my fair share of title disputes arising from invalid deeds, fraud on behalf of sellers, inadequate title searches, and incorrect surveys. Once there is a problem with a chain of title, the only way to resolve the issue and remove the cloud from a title is to bring an action to quiet title or similar lawsuit in a court of equity.

Retain a Nashville Real Estate Lawyer for Your Title Problems

If you have found yourself involved in a title dispute arising from boundary problems, or are involved in trying to buy a property that has title issues, you need a lawyer who is experienced and well-versed in land title issues. I can assist in resolving any issue that may arise in the course of negotiating a purchase or a sale, or even in the course of refinancing when some title issues could arise due to the title company uncovering old faulty conveyances in the chain of title.

Prior mortgages which were thought to be satisfied, but have no record of a satisfaction in the public record can cause unforeseen issues which will delay or even stop a refinancing deal. Multiple conveyances of the same parcel to different parties found in the chain of title can create confusion and unmarketable title. Contact my firm today and schedule a consultation with me so we can review your situation thoroughly.

I will answer any questions you may have and advise you as to the best strategy to effectively resolve any issues in clearing up your title issues. Contact me today.

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